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Posted: 26/09/2010 in Uncategorized

here are some tracks that i didnt share before, if you like them just visit my facebook page click the like button and you will be updated every couple of days about my music and you get free instrumental tracks along the way

  1. barry p says:

    i stumbled over your sound on You tube…
    i most say you have unique ear for music, i was wondering how do i go about using some of your tracks…

    • smokins says:

      thanx for dropping a comment. i was kinda giving up on this blog as a way of communication..lol
      turned out that Facebook is an easier way, u can use any of the beats that i have uploaded on my Facebook page
      you gonna find free available downloads in the music tab over there, just make sure u mention my name to help my music become popular and send me a link or e-mail me whatever you recorded and i will share it on my Facebook..


  2. DiZzY D says:

    Yo smokin, i wanna use one of your tracks I found on youtube but you know just to record and have fun not for commercial use. Anyway if there is a problem please tell me, btw I will link the song to u after i’m done wit it. Can u tell me quick which software is better for mastering ?

    • smokins says:

      how u doin?, yeah sure thing, just tell me which one are you planning to use, i will mail it to you
      and i usually mix and master vocals with adobe audition 3 and fruity loops for mastering samples
      both are easy and effective you could use one of them to do the whole thing but i prefer audition for the vocals, it has professional compressors very fit with rap and hip-hop..

      for further communication my e-mail is smokins@gmail.com
      or we could communicate with facebook my page link is facebook.com/spinalrupture

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