Evanescence Bring Me To Life (Smokin Remix) Ft. Shafiq Olabi

Posted: 19/08/2010 in Uncategorized

ive been in this remix mood for like the entire past two weeks, but this is the biggest remix i ever made so far, this one breaks the records of the number of instruments and sound layers and music genres mixed together

i began working on evanescence vocal A Capella about 5 days ago, i made a pretty good base for the sound, but it was still missing something, i thought i’d try to put it an electric guitar, but since i dont have one, and since i have no experience with one, i tried to do it with a vst, it sucked ass, thats when i remembered my friend shafiq olabi

i first meet with shafiq in LPtimes.com, thats a linkin park dedicated fan site, he was a contestant in a contest held in that website, which i was a part of too, he was number one in that contest, during the time of the contest i got to meet him and check out his tracks which were amazing, he’s pretty good at playing the electric guitar,and he also produces his own backing tracks so he does it all..

i communicated shafiq and i sent him a sample of the remix and he was excited about it and we started working immediately on it, the guitar bits he sent me were awesome, it completed my remix and added his stamp, so it was perfect

when i was finished with mixing my beat with his guitars, he thought about adding a guitar solo to the mix, and its the delight of the remix, its in the end of the track so listen and tell me what u think?? should we make remixes like that again??

BTW the instrumental track of this beat will be in my facebook page smokin’ beats


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