The Intro Theory

Posted: 23/07/2010 in Uncategorized

my challenge now is to get a partner channel in youtube, like most good musicians in youtube, i dont want that for the promotion, but to try these exclusive features youtube gives to the partner channel, like the extra space for the layout and adding an HTML buttons and effects for the channel

this is not the theory of course , but in order to get my channel famous i have to make really good beats, so i started listening to these people with partner channels and promotion, to see whats the reason for these enormous views…

well its the INTRO THEORY, Fact is weather we like it or not most people doesn’t listen to the whole beat, just the intro, so these musicians make this wonderful intro and the rest of the beat sux, it could be silence for all we know, people just go crazy when they listen to the intro and start jumping from a video to another and they listen to the intros with no idea how the beat goes…. clever ain’t it.

maybe i should try that…..naaaaaah im just kidding.

  1. Chris Breuer says:

    haha nice theory
    but i dont think that s an indication for their good music anyway…
    u should keep up ur good work in the whole and not intro snippets hehe

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