vote for my Catalyst Remix

Posted: 21/07/2010 in Uncategorized

please guys  click here, and choose smokin to vote for, after you do that submit ur vote and let me know that u did that in the comments here or in my youtube channel, ill make sure to return the favor

ah its 21/jul already the first round of voting is closed, i came third

that makes me a looser… 😦

the winner of is my friend from jordan shafiq olabi

don’t forget to vote for shafiq olabi on the second round of voting against the other contestants

  1. Chris Breuer says:

    feel sry bout it
    liked your mix a lot
    but that wasnt the real lp contest wasnt it?!
    if u like would i participate with ur track and send u mail if u win hhaha
    just kiddin 😉
    i really wish ur remix would be pressed on the thousands suns lp
    greetz chris

    • smokins says:

      yo chris
      i just added you to my facebook
      my name is mohamed ibrahim
      well talk more about u, cuz i still dont know much about u and u seem to be an interesting character 😀

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